Extraordinary Single-handed
Carbon Dinghy Designed To Excite

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With a 6m2 sail it is equipped with the smaller rig it is best sailed by youth sailors as a natural pathway from sailing school.

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CFD simulations and water tests to achieve the very best performing hull

Performance | Stability | Fast planning hull

Full Carbon Epoxy construction
Open self bailing transom
Fast planning chinned hull

Fully battened carbon reinforced membrane.

Membrane technology with digital fiber application according to the sail forces, providing extra resistance in heavy load areas. This results in a sail that has an increased wind range – more powerful in lighter winds and more efficient in stronger winds.

Weight Equalizing Wings

The wings can be set in three positions, allowing to change the beam from 150cm to 190cm, according to the sailor weight/category. The additional leverage creates increased momentum to equalize sailor’s weight while beating upwind.
Wings are designed to easily change its position; quick adjusters allow to retract or extend the wings in seconds; no tools needed. Anti-slip cork lining for total control and additional comfort.

Carbon Rig

PortStar’s carbon rig is manufactured through filament winding process, ensuring that we have the lightest mast reinforced where needed to provide durability and maximum performance.
- 2 Part Mast (same for sail 6 and 7)
- Ø 51mm Boom

High Performance foils

Reinforced fiberglass with low drag design for better performance.

Unique LaserPerformance rudder head, 028mm carbon tiller and extension for extraordinary handling in any conditions.

Ergonomically optimized for Sailor’s comfort

PORTSTAR deck layout was designed to provide easy access to hall systems in any situation, just a hands reach for total control.
Organic design with no sharp edges assure comfort and safety for the sailor.
Wings shape and surface designed to deliver comfort while hiking, reducing sailor’s fatigue.
Cockpit depth gives the sailor better ergonomical stance, increasing mobility for an all-around better sailing experience.

Designed by Laserperformance Team