Exchanges and Returns


Laserperformance is dedicated to offering the best experience to its customers. This extends to the assistance policy, where there is an effort to meet any and all needs of the customer. When purchasing an article in our website (, the consumer is automatically covered by the Satisfaction Guarantee, where within the first 14 days he can return or exchange an article (with the exceptions described in point 2) if it has not met your expectations.

For distance purchases (online and to be received at the address via courier), the local Law establishes a period of 14 days for the consumer (commonly known as the reflection period) after taking physical possession of the goods, during which time he/she can return the item(s) article(s) without the need to indicate a reason. In cases of free Contract Termination, the return shipping costs are borne by the consumer.


  1. Conditions of acceptance for exchanges and returns on remote purchases

Although returns/exchanges are accepted within the first 14 days for distance purchases (as described above), returned goods will only be accepted if they scrupulously comply with the following conditions:

1.1. The returned item must be intact and without any marks/damage from use;

1.2. You will have to return the item together with its immaculate packaging, manuals and accessories;

1.3. Along with the returned good, you will have to attach the invoice containing that same item.

In case of violation of any of these points, we will not be able to accept the return (and the consequent refund) or exchange.


  1. Products not accepted for returns or exchanges

Except for technical anomalies, there are items that by their nature (due to hygiene, safety, risk of data transmission, manufacturer’s recommendations, etc) cannot be accepted for returns/exchanges.

2.1. Exchanges or returns of opened cans or tubes such as glues or composites are not accepted.

2.2. Exchanges or returns of all liquid products that have the seals of the packaging broken.

Attention: Laserperformance reserves the right to refuse returns/exchanges of items whose Serial Number has already been registered/associated with a user account on online platforms/apps from the most varied manufacturers. The association of an article (via Serial Number) to an online platform/app may in many cases allow users no longer in possession of them to be able to control and track these articles, which are being used by third parties. For this reason, Laserperformance warns against the possible refusal of exchanges/returns for the total protection of its Customers.


  1. Refund form of returns

The refund is made to the same payment method as the order. In case of impossibilities client must supply bank details information requested by Laserperformance team.


  1. How to start the return/exchange process

To start the return/exchange process, open a request in our Live Chat in and chose the “Returns” subject. This will open a ticket to our sales team which will guide you with the rest of the process. Subsequently, you must send the article via courier to the Laserperformance Central Warehouse. If the article is in compliance, the value of the return postage is borne by the consumer.


  1. Laserperformance advice and tips

Laserperformance understands the usefulness that the stipulated reflection period has for the Customer, however, this does not invalidate that before making a purchase the Customer does not try to make sure as much as possible that that product is really what will correspond to their expectations and that will be in accordance with their interests and tasks performed by themselves. Nowadays the Internet is a powerful tool for information and clarification of doubts. Laserperformance recommends its Clients to read and, if possible, comply with the following points:

5.1. Before purchasing a product, make sure that it meets your requirements.

5.2. Before purchasing a product, do a search for it in the search engines, watch videos of that product on youtube or ask your questions through one of our contacts.

5.3. Before purchasing a product, see if you have a friend, colleague or family member who has the same product and, if so, see if you can get feedback.

5.4. After purchasing the product, always be careful when opening the box/packaging, and see how you have the equipment, accessories and manuals arranged inside the box/packaging.

In case of return/exchange, the more you respect the conditions under which you return the product, the easier the task will be for all parties involved.